Millions of Gallons of Water Savings Annually

Even though it seems like a proposed new community of 420 homes would place extra demands on La Habra’s water supplies, it’s just the opposite with the proposed new community of Rancho La Habra. The proposal would actually reduce the City’s overall water use by approximately 33 million gallons a year, according to an analysis prepared by water use experts for CalAtlantic Homessm.

“These substantial water savings are made possible because Rancho La Habra will incorporate the latest water conservation designs and technologies and replace an 18-hole golf course that requires significantly more water,” said Mark Krebs, PE, President of PACE Advanced Water Engineering, of Pace Engineering, which prepared the study. The study’s findings will be evaluated in the Environmental Impact Report the City is preparing on CalAtlantic’s plan.

Westridge Golf Club uses an average of approximately 90 million gallons of potable (drinking) water annually to irrigate its turf and landscaping. The projected water use of Rancho La Habra is just 57 million gallons of water a year, and the 33 million gallons of water saved is enough to meet the annual water needs of more than 200 La Habra families.

New homes are required to meet California’s high standards for water efficiency, so Lennar’s homes will feature high-efficiency toilets, faucets, showerheads and appliances. Public landscaping must meet similar requirements, which under the state’s emergency drought regulations require any landscaping watered with potable water to be drought-tolerant and irrigated by highly efficient drip or micro-spray irrigation.

Rancho La Habra is being proposed by LennarHomes, a national homebuilder built on a foundation of a commitment to Quality, Value and Integrity. Rancho La Habra would be built on the site of Westridge Golf Club, which is slated for closure. It would keep nearly 60 percent of the site (approximately 89 acres) as parks, open space and trails, with 420 homes and a small commercial center on the remaining approximately 62 acres.

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