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In keeping with the Rancho La Habra vision of being a good neighbor and being a partner with the City of La Habra, the community’s plan would incorporate these benefits:

New Public Parks, Open Space and Trails

Rancho La Habra will help the City meet, and even exceed, its goal for public parks by providing approximately 25 acres of new public parks and open space. This includes:

  • Public Community Center and Park, – 4.1 acres – Lennar will donate the existing golf course clubhouse to the City for use as a new public Community Center
  • Public Park and Picnic Area – 10.4 acres
  • Public Linear Park – 10.6 acres
  • 6 miles of new public multi-use trails through the property connecting Idaho Street to Beach Boulevard
  • Upland Wildlife Viewing and Education – 12.2 acres
  • Central Streambed and Pond Within Public Park and Picnic Area – 2.1 acres

Upon plan approval, Lennar has offered to improve Westridge Golf Club’s parking lot and surrounding open space and donate the clubhouse to the City at no cost. The clubhouse could provide an ideal venue for meetings, weddings, public concerts, outdoor movies and other great ways for families to get together with friends and create memories for a lifetime.

Making the Area Accessible to All

Today, only those who pay to golf can enjoy the Westridge Golf Course’s open space. With Rancho La Habra, everyone can. Additionally, Rancho La Habra will save an estimated 31.3 million gallons of water a year over the thirsty greens. That will help the City meet its water conservation goals, and free up drinking water for use elsewhere in the City.


Addressing Community Concerns

Lennar and Rancho La Habra has been working with the community to ensure concerns are addressed. These include:

  • Planning the community to preserve the distant views of neighbors and minimize the view impacts of new homes
  • Eliminating cut-through traffic from Beach Boulevard to Idaho St. and dispersing future traffic to three arterial streets rather than concentrating it
  • Paying traffic fees that can be used to mitigate the effects of traffic generated by the new community
  • Generating $3,850,000 in school fees for area school districts
  • Providing $1 million in annual revenue to La Habra, compared to less than $40,000 generated by the golf course

How to bring these benefits to La Habra:

Rancho La Habra is currently in the review stages. Very shortly, the plan will be before La Habra’s Planning Commission and City Council for approval. It is vitally important that the City hear from supporters of the plan to ensure that Lennar is able to bring new homes and open space to La Habra.


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Mr. Andrew Ho
Community Development Director
City of La Habra
110 E. La Habra Blvd.
La Habra CA 90633

RE: Support for Rancho La Habra

Dear Mr. Ho,

I am writing to express my support for Lennar’s proposed new community of Rancho La Habra, the certification by the City of La Habra of its Environmental Impact Report, and expeditious approval.

Rancho La Habra’s proposal represents an intelligent reuse of the property. I see great community benefit in the trails, parks, open space and community center that all La Habra residents will be able to use.

It is not environmentally friendly to use 90 million gallons of water a year to irrigate fairways and greens. Rancho La Habra’s lower water use will help to conserve water, and the community will help to address the region’s serious housing shortage by providing new homes in a variety of sizes and prices near large employment centers, shopping and entertainment.

The Project EIR presents a thorough analysis of potential impacts and provides a lengthy list of mitigation measures designed to reduce or eliminate those impacts wherever feasible. I urge the Planning Commission and the City Council to certify the EIR with these mitigation measures, so Rancho La Habra can move forward.