Rancho La Habra

A Great Plan for a Great Town

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Millions of Gallons of Water Savings Annually

Westridge Golf Club uses an average of approximately 90 million gallons of potable (drinking) water annually for irrigation. The projected water use of Rancho La Habra is just 57 million gallons of water a year, and the 33 million gallons of water saved is enough to meet the annual water needs of more than 200 La Habra families.


Rancho La Habra’s Review Process

The proposed new residential community of Rancho La Habra is in the early phases of review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), a law that is widely regarded as the most thorough and transparent environmental law in the nation.


Why Is Westridge Golf Club Closing?

Golf’s problems go well beyond current economic conditions, as there appear to be fundamental shifts in recreational preferences and other underlying factors affecting long-term demand for golf.