Quick Facts – Rancho La Habra

Here are the essential design features and public benefits of the proposed CalAtlantic Homessm new community of Rancho La Habra:

  • Situated on the current 151-acre site of Westridge Golf Course in southern La Habra, between Harbor Boulevard and Idaho Street
  • Would include 448 homes (277 single-family and 171 multi-family) in full-residential alternative
  • 58% of the site (approximately 87.2 acres) proposed as parks or open space
  • Existing golf clubhouse would be donated to the City for a new Community Center
  • More than 25 acres of public parks are proposed to be dedicated to the City for use by all La Habra residents, including:

o   Public Community Center and Park – 4.1 acres

o   Public park and picnic area – 10.4 acres

o   Public linear park – 10.6 acres

o   Upland wildlife viewing and education area – 12.2 acres

o   Riparian wildlife viewing and education area – 2.1 acres

(All acreage figures approximate)

  • New public parks will allow the City to achieve its General Plan goal of 2.5 acres of parks per 1,000 residents
  • Plan also includes approximately 2.6 miles of multi-use trails for public use
  • Would reduce City’s overall water use by approximately 33 million gallons a year by replacing high-use golf course with high-efficiency homes with drought-tolerant landscaping
  • Would generate new ongoing annual City gross revenues estimated to be more than $1 million

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