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A Vision for a Better La Habra

The owners of Westridge Golf Club have recognized that higher water costs and the declining popularity of golf are threatening the future of the golf course. An economic analysis by Pro Forma Advisors confirms this, concluding, “At this time, the outlook for improvement in [Westridge Golf Club’s] operating performance is highly uncertain. The golf market has remained relatively flat over the past several years, despite an improving economy, and irrigation water costs are likely to continue to increase.” This opened the door for planning to begin for Rancho La Habra – a new home community that is sensitively designed to make La Habra a better place to live.

News coverage of the decline in golf’s popularity and the economic evaluation of Westridge Golf Club prepared for Lennar are available on the Resources tab.

Today, unless you pay a green fee, you can’t walk onto Westridge Golf Club. It is shut off from the non-golfing public and offers recreation for only a relatively few golfers. This recreation comes at a high cost – 90 million gallons of potable (drinking) water used every year to irrigate the greens and fairways, plus ongoing mowing and chemical spraying to keep the turf healthy. Golf course operating costs, especially for irrigation water, have risen dramatically, while both locally and nationally the number of golf rounds played has dropped. In the last decade, 7 million golfers left the game and more than 600 golf courses closed, including three in Orange County.
Tomorrow, with approval of the Lennar plan for Rancho La Habra, the public will be able to enjoy new public parks and trails on this land, as a well-planned new-home community unfolds. Rancho La Habra is designed to use less water, provide financial benefits to the City and local schools, increase recreational opportunities in La Habra – and of course, offer homes with the newest designs and amenities to La Habra families who want to move up without moving out of town.

A New Neighborhood

Since 1954, Lennar has helped hundreds of thousands of families across America move into the next stage of their lives with a new home. Our core principles are quality, value and integrity.

This experience has been applied to create a dynamic vision for Rancho La Habra. With careful planning, fiscal benefits to the City and many new public amenities, Rancho La Habra is designed to be a good neighbor to established near-by residents. Rancho La Habra, to be built where Westridge Golf Club is today (between Idaho Street and Beach Boulevard in southern La Habra), is proposed as follows:
  • 448 homes – 277 single-family detached and 171 townhomes in four distinctive gated neighborhoods.
  • Nearly 58% open space, with approximately 25 acres of new public parkland, sensitively designed wildlife habitat areas and vegetated slopes.
  • Approximately 2.6 miles of proposed new public trails through the site, linking to and expanding the regional trails system.

Community Center Plan

Under the proposed plan, Lennar has offered to improve the Westridge Golf Club’s parking lot and surrounding outdoor space and donate the clubhouse and its surroundings to the City.
The illustration above shows Lennar’s proposed changes to Westridge Golf Club’s clubhouse to create a new public La Habra Community Center.
  • A. The existing golf course clubhouse will be renovated and donated to the City and could then be used for community, family and club events.

    B. A children’s water play area/splash pad would offer cooling fun on warm days.

    C. An amphitheater would be added for weddings, concerts, theater and even movies under the stars.

    D. The existing lake would become the center of a more natural water feature that will create a pleasing backdrop for outdoor activities and include upstream riparian (streambed) habitat (see “F”).

    E. A proposed new tot lot will make the Community Center especially enjoyable for young families.

    F. The proposed new park would rise in a series of step-ups from the Community Center, with recreation areas and streambed habitat that would capture and clean runoff.

    G. The existing exit from the Westridge neighborhood will be improved and re-routed. The gate will remain, making this route accessible only to Westridge residents.

The Rancho La Habra Vision

These principles guided the planning of Rancho La Habra and our work with the City and neighbors:

  • Incorporate Sustainability into the Plan’s DNA: Incorporate water-saving and energy-saving design and technology into the site plan, open space management and the new homes.
  • be-a-good-neighborBe a Good Neighbor: Recognize the legitimate concerns of our neighbors, listen carefully, respond straightforwardly, and work to carry out the new community in a way that brings new benefits and amenities to La Habra.
  • Be a Partner with La Habra: Create a plan that generates positive cash flow for the City, brings new public parks, trails and open space, and supports essential services, like police, fire and schools. Encourage public participation and be a public participant.
  • Keep the La Habra Homebuyer in Mind: Propose a mix of homes at a range of prices, so La Habra residents who want to move to a new home without moving out of town can find a Rancho La Habra home that meets their needs.

More details on how we are working to incorporate the Rancho La Habra Vision into our plans are available on the Benefits and Facts pages of this website.

If you have questions or comments, please send them to us via the Contact Us/Comments page.